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Will My Wages Be Garnished if I File Bankruptcy?

will my wages garnished if i file bankruptcy

The garnishment of one’s wages is one thing that almost all of us fear. This is because we don’t like the idea of the money that we have worked so hard for being taken away from us. This is why so many people have asked the professionals at Canfield Wells LLP about this particular issue. They want to know if they hire Henrico VA bankruptcy lawyers if they can avoid having to go through any kind of wage garnishment.

It is tough enough to have to go through bankruptcy without the worry of also having your wages garnished. What the lawyers at Canfield Wells LLP will tell you is that bankruptcy will likely help you avoid the garnishment of your wages. It is not a guarantee depending on what kind of debts you have, but most of them are dischargeable in bankruptcy.

Creditors are notified when a person declares bankruptcy and the legal protections that this brings a person. This country has a strong history of bankruptcy laws and protections, and it is important that all people understand this if they find themselves in a terribly difficult situation.

A lot of individuals who are going into the possibility of bankruptcy are often filled with fear and dread. There is a lot of misinformation out there about bankruptcy and what it means for your future. You need to try to only get the most clear and honest information that you can. It is best that you speak with Henrico VA bankruptcy lawyers to see what they have to say about your possibility of getting your wages garnished. Your situation could vary from the experiences of others, but trained legal professionals are the most likely to know what to recommend to you. It is always best in any legal matters to talk with a legal professional about what your next steps are going to be. Get in touch with one now.

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