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How an Attorney Can Help You Reach Your Debtors

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Receiving a legal summons for a debt-related lawsuit is unnerving for most people. Lack of familiarity with the legal process, inability to pay the debt in full, and fears regarding how the lawsuit may impact the future are a few of the concerns consumer have when they receive contact from a debt collector. Nevertheless, debt collection is a lucrative and sometimes unscrupulous business. Therefore, consumers in Henrico should immediately seek out a qualified debt defense law firm in Henrico upon receiving contact from a debt collector.

Finding the Right Party

After a consumer defaults on a credit account, debts are often purchased and resold to multiple parties. Collection agencies sometimes take advantage of the resulting obscurity. Therefore, individuals who have been contacted regarding the repayment of an aged debt should contact an attorney to assist with determining whether the party who has made contact has a valid claim to repayment. Failure to verify whether the debt is owned to the requesting party may result in the consumer being scammed or otherwise mistakenly making payment to the wrong entity. Henrico VA debt defense attorneys are able to utilize their resources to track down the correct owner of the outstanding debt. Consumers who make payment to the wrong party may lose their money and be left without a means of correcting the error.

Call a Debt Defense Law Firm in Henrico for Peace of Mind

Put a stop to embarrassing calls and endless stream of letters in the mail by getting attorney on the case. Henrico VA debt defense attorneys are available to provide a free case evaluation. Not only can a debt defense lawyer help silence the noise of persistent debt collectors, but an attorney can also protect consumers from scams and ensure that if payment is made to the appropriate party, if necessary.

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