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What Rights Do Creditors Have in VA?

creditors rights

Are you thinking of filing for bankruptcy? If this is the case, you need to contact a team of expert Henrico VA bankruptcy lawyers from the firm of Canfield Wells. This is an area that will require a skilled legal professional who has your best interests as their number one priority.

What Are Some of the Rights Your Creditors May Have?

If you live in the state of Virginia, your creditors may have a variety of rights. These may include the following:

In certain circumstances, they may claim the right of priority over other existing creditors.

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Canfield Wells are the leading firm of Henrico VA bankruptcy lawyers. If you have reason to fear that your creditors may gang up on you, you can forestall them with our help. We will stand with you through every stage of the bankruptcy process to make sure that you receive a settlement that you can live with.

Bankruptcy is not the kind of legal process that you want to go into without the aid of a skilled attorney. This is an area where you will need a top quality lawyer that can help you get the best possible arrangement. Get in touch with us today to learn what a firm of experienced Henrico VA bankruptcy lawyers can do to help you.

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