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What Happens If My Bankruptcy Case Is Delayed Because Of COVID?

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As unemployment rates continue to plummet due to the COVID pandemic, bankruptcy lawyers in Henrico Virginia continue to receive phone calls from worried citizens. Without a source of income, a significant percentage of Americans worry about their ability to keep up with their living standards. Affording basic needs is going to be a problem, and many are in the brink of filing for bankruptcy or have already commenced with the process. COVID has also slowed down many legal procedures with policies such as working from home being employed in many sectors. What does this mean for your bankruptcy case? Canfield Wells LLP explains.

Bankruptcy courts are still open
Despite the lag and delays, most bankruptcy hearings are still on. However, it’s a little different than normal, with a majority being done over the phone and not in person due to the stipulated policies that aim to flatten the curve.

Where can you follow with your updates on your case?
For the average individual with no experience in court proceedings and law language, the updates might seem a little hard to comprehend. In the meantime, updates on filed bankruptcy cases are being published almost daily. Hiring bankruptcy lawyers in Henrico Virginia will help you keep up with the progress of your case. In the meantime, check your court’s website to see if they’ve established any instructions to guide you through this period.

What should be your expectations?
With limited staff in court, expect delays in processing documents, hearings, and 341 proceedings. If you are lucky, your hearings and proceedings will be done over the phone. Some may get postponed. According to Chapter 13, you are required to continue meeting up your obligation to your creditor. Consider making these payments electronically.

Are you worried about your bankruptcy case and its slow progress? Don’t worry; visit us at Canfield Wells LLP to talk to an experienced bankruptcy lawyer who will guide you through this challenging journey and help you avoid making costly mistakes. Call us to book an appointment now!

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