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Many different circumstances can lead to filing of bankruptcy. Whether you owe a lot of money from education, personal debt, or otherwise, then a bankruptcy attorney can help you to determine your available options. With an attorney by your side, they will walk you through the filing process step by step. Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy can wipe out your debt and give you a clean slate and the help of an attorney will allow for that process to go along smoothly.

The simplest form of bankruptcy is a Chapter 7 filing. Chapter 7 is effectively a discharge of all qualified unsecured debt. However, the bankruptcy trustee can also seize certain clear personal assets to liquidate and apply toward the outstanding debt amount. Some assets are exempt by both federal and state law, and the bankruptcy trustee could typically sell all assets and pay the debtor in accordance with what the exempt property generated in sales. This offers very little asset protection for the petitioner and having experienced representation before filing means you can prepare for an unfavorable confiscation beforehand.

Bankruptcy Attorney In Richmond VA

For those struggling to get through a bankruptcy case on their own without the help of an attorney, you may find yourself frustrated or disappointed with how your case turns out. Missing important information or deadlines when filing information for your case can deter from the solution you may have been hoping for. With the help of an attorney you will be able to anticipate any issues that may come up and how to best get through those issues. Your bankruptcy attorney in Richmond VA is here to help you have the most successful outcome possible for you and your loved ones. Contact our office to begin your case and determine the best options you have. Our attorneys are ready to handle your case with the care and determination it deserves.

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