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Non-SS Disability

Winning a disability claim can be a difficult legal task when dealing with private insurance companies. The SSA is well-known for taking a long time to finally approve a claim based on their rules of eligibility. Private pension retirement plans have specific rules as well, but many times they are not as developed as Social Security with respect to what constitutes a disability. While SSA maintains a list of established disabilities, private disability providers commonly do not. The tendency among private disability approvals is instead evaluated according to the material health facts of each case. This can be a very frustrating experience for a disabled worker who has been under a certain plan for several years. Even employees who have been in excellent standing with their employer could have difficulty when filing a disability claim with a private provider. When this is the situation for Virginia residents, it is always best to contact our disability Henrico VA lawyers who has experience representing non Social Security disability claims.

Rules Compliance

The conditions required for approval of a Social Security disability claim are commonly understood, but private disability plans can have specific requirements that do not necessarily align with the government. Private disability is normally determined by accompanying qualifications considering time served with the company or a union contract. This can be a problem for claimants who have multiple medical issues that do not merit disability alone but collectively impact the worker’s ability to perform job duties.

Multiple Claims

Another circumstance that could apply with a private disability claim is that the claimant could be entitled to Social Security benefits as well when they have paid into the program along their career. Disabled workers are eligible for both retirement plans in many instances, often not realizing the dual status. Timing when filing for any disability can be important, and having an experienced disability attorney from the beginning means all potential benefits can requested at the same time.

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