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Can My Medical Bills Be Dropped if I File Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy is a legal process by which an individual or organization may receive a court order absolving their legal obligation to repay certain debts. Generally when an organization declares bankruptcy they must go through a process by which their debts and assets are compared, and certain debts may be exempted from forgiveness and then prioritized […]

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Will My Wages Be Garnished if I File Bankruptcy?

The garnishment of one’s wages is one thing that almost all of us fear. This is because we don’t like the idea of the money that we have worked so hard for being taken away from us. This is why so many people have asked the professionals at Canfield Wells LLP about this particular issue. […]

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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy: What to Expect

A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy refers to a specific type of bankruptcy that debtors can pursue to receive a discharge of their debts and receive a fresh start. Chapter 7 refers to the section of the Bankruptcy Code that governs this type of bankruptcy. To ensure that you receive the full benefit of the bankruptcy process, […]

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Will Filing Bankruptcy Have an Effect on My Taxes?

Taxes and debt are two of the things in life that burden people the most. Taxes must be paid and too much debt can lead to bankruptcy. What many people don’t know is that bankruptcy and taxes can go hand-in-hand. Filing an income tax return after bankruptcy isn’t difficult in itself, but there are things […]

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Credit Card Debt: Which Chapter of Bankruptcy Would That Fall Under If I File?

Chapter 7 is the main bankruptcy filing option for those debtors who want to try to wipe out the majority of their debts instead of entering into a long-term repayment plan with their creditors. One of the largest categories of debts that are discharged in Chapter 7 bankruptcy orders is credit card debt. Many other […]

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