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At Canfield Wells LLP, we understand that life happens. Bills pile up and you may feel overwhelmed if you lose your job or have other difficulties. If you or a loved one have fallen behind on payments for mortgage, student loans, or other personal debt, you will need the assistance and advice of your local bankruptcy attorney in Richmond VA.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a personal legal petition that is normally intended to stop the repossession of a home or other type of real estate. Qualifying for Chapter 13 can be difficult for some and formulating your petition into an acceptable qualifying document can be best accomplished with our experienced bankruptcy attorneys who understand what the court expects in terms of meeting the means test. Repayment periods can last up to five years, but specific income earnings must be met to ensure the viability of the repayment plan.

These cases can be difficult to manage without the help or advice of bankruptcy attorney in Richmond VA at Canfield Wells LLP. You may end up feeling disappointed, confused, or frustrated with the outcome of your case depending on the outcome you receive. Your debtors may be willing to finance a repayment program for you or find another solution, however, finding that solution will be easier with an attorney by your side. Our attorneys have years of experience helping with Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases and are prepared to help you as well.

Bankruptcy Attorney in Richmond VA

For those struggling through a bankruptcy case, contact our skilled and experienced bankruptcy attorney in Richmond VA to begin building your case. With an attorney by your side you can have a peace of mind in knowing that your case is being handled with the utmost care and determination that it deserves. Contact our office today to schedule a confidential case consultation and determine your best available options.

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